7 inventive ways to make money using your credit card

Americans are no strangers to credit card debt. In fact, the median amount owed on a credit card is $2,000, according to GOBankingRates.com's 2016 U.S. Household Debt survey. If you're one of these people carrying a high balance on your card, you're probably racking up interest charges. So, as your [...]

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6 ways to spoil your cash-back rewards

Woman reading tablet while holding a credit card Cash back from credit cards can seem like free money. But how much you get can depend on your financial decisions and practices. If you’re cash-back savvy, you already know to shop through the card company’s shopping portal or to take advantage [...]

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5 travel essentials you can earn cashback on, including Post Office Money and More Than travel insurance

Save hundreds on your holiday by booking through a cashback site. Here's our favourite deals from both big brand names and lesser known, but rewarding retailers. With summer officially here, most of us are looking forward to a break from the real world by jetting off on holiday. Still not [...]

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5 Tips To Maximize Your Cashback Card Benefits

So you’ve heard cashback cards offer the best savings, and you want to switch. Or maybe you already have a cashback card, and you’re wondering why the only thing you’re saving up is added grief. Well, there’s a trick to it, because the benefits of a cashback card are more [...]

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4 Best Rebate Cash Back Apps or Mobile Sites to Help You Earn Extra Beer Money

There’s a simple and proven way how you can save as much as 70 percent on every single purchase you make. Sounds like a scam? It really isn’t. The concept is called cash back shopping, and everyone with an Android device can instantly reap its benefits. The goal of this [...]

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3 Reasons to Get a Cash-Back Credit Card for Travel (and 1 Big Reason Not To)

Travel credit cards are a favorite of the regularly jet-lagged, and rightfully so. They typically come with large sign-up bonuses and high rewards, as well as great travel perks. However, travel cards might not be the best option for the majority of American travelers. In fact, a cash-back card might [...]

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1.5% Cash Back Is New Gold Standard in Credit Cards

Credit cards with 1.5% cash-back rewards rates are going from novel to normal. Today, consumers can get no-annual-fee cards that offer 1.5% cash back on every purchase from several major issuers — including Capital One, Barclaycard, Chase, Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank. Citi offers an even higher rate: 1% on [...]

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