Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express Review

American Express has replaced its Blue Cash card with two new ones. This one has no annual fee but lesser rewards. The Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express Is For: People who want to earn cash rewards on their credit card purchases. Credit Rating Required: Fair to Excellent (660+) [...]

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Are Cashback sites worthwhile – Advantages and Disadvantages

Cashback websites allow users to take advantage of affiliate marketing schemes, by taking the commission they receive for sending customers to online shopping websites in volume, and passing this fee back on to their users. Are they worth spending time on? Money Dashboard explores the pros and cons. Advantages You [...]

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Are Cash-Back Credit Cards Becoming Irrelevant

Most people won't be surprised to find out credit card rewards are in the midst of a meteoric rise. A week doesn’t go by without media outlets reporting on new flashy bonuses or how banks are emptying their pockets to lure in new customers. Amid all the glitz and glamour, [...]

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10 Inventive Ways to Make Money Using Your Credit Card

Even though credit cards offer convenience, they often can be a trap, leaving you with mountains of expensive debt. Rather than thinking of your credit cards as a way to spend, you can turn them into money-earning devices. As long as you make your payments faithfully, the judicious use of [...]

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5 Cash Back Credit Cards Even Dave Ramsey Should Love

Costco recently announced that next year it would stop accepting American Express AXP -0.35% at is warehouses. This will bring to a close a 16-year relationship between the two companies. Fans of the TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express quickly realized that the days of this popular cash back [...]

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7 Secrets to Shopping Smarter – Ways to Save Money on Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but this season can also be one of the most expensive. Luckily, there are simple ways to save money without skimping on your holiday gift ideas — so we asked top shopping experts for their best advice on how [...]

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7 Money-Saving Secrets Every Target Shopper Absolutely Needs to Know

We’ll admit it — we’re a little obsessed with Target. It’s hard not to be. The store has pretty much everything you need, right in one place. But don’t be fooled by the prices on the shelf. If you know the secrets to Target shopping, you can save a ton [...]

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