Discover it Secured Credit Card Review

Discover may have introduced the best secured credit card on the market, not that anything less should be expected from the credit card company that ranked "Highest in Customer Satisfaction" by J.D. Power and Associates. The Discover it Secured Credit Card beats a lot of regular credit cards in terms [...]

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Citizens Bank CashBack and Accelerator Rewards MasterCards Review

Two cash back options, plus a huge sign-up bonus, if you're eligible - watch your mailbox. Who the Citizens Bank CashBack and Accelerator Rewards MasterCards are for People with fair to good credit who want a generous cash back rewards card. Credit Rating Required Fair and up (660+). About the [...]

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Cashback Shopping – Guide to Best Cashback Offers & Rewards Websites

Cashback shopping is beginning to take the UK by storm. More and more Cashback sites are popping up offering cashback and cashback rewards. The cashback websites may initially be a little hard to understand but once you get used to it you really could be saving a lot of money [...]

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Cash Or Miles – How To Choose The Best Credit Card

Americans are addicted to earning rewards on their credit cards. According to a recent survey by Fidelity, 55% of cardholders own a rewards card. The most popular reward is cash back, chosen by 63% of the people surveyed. However, frequent flier miles and points are also very popular. How can [...]

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Cash Back, Miles Or 0% – How To Choose The Best Credit Card

Choosing a credit card can be overwhelming. To get the best deal, make sure you avoid the most common mistake: mixing your spending and borrowing on the same credit card. Credit cards that offer the best rewards generally have the highest interest rates. Credit cards with the lowest interest rates [...]

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Cash Back vs Travel Rewards – Pick the Right Credit Card for You

Should you earn cash back rewards or travel rewards from your credit card? Frankly, it is a question that is nearly as old as reward cards themselves, and the answer has always been "it depends." Here's a breakdown of the ins and outs of the world of rewards credit cards. [...]

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Can the Right Cash Back or Rewards Credit Card Help You Save Money

Sure, a credit card can be a tool for smart spending. But what may not be as obvious is that it can also be a money-saving tool, if you have the right card and use it wisely. Below are some money-saving tips. Think rewards There are a bevy of reward [...]

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